Why Pixie Hollow, Why!?

Hey guys, it’s your favorite fairy blogger, and I was checking out my blog when I realized that I haven’t posted in forever. I’ve moved to a different state and only posted twice. And now, I’ll admit that the whole fiasco about Pixie Hollow closing has made me want to write more posts. Because I refuse to say goodbye.

I feel really bad for not having posted or checking WordPress in forever. I’ve been sucked into the world of fandoms, roleplaying, fanfiction, and Wikia. I’ve seriously turned into an extreme fangirl. And I’ve been so distracted with my roleplaying website that I haven’t posted in a good post with a lot of thought into it in over a year. But trust me, once you’ve been sucked into the fandom world, there is no leaving. Ever.

But when Topaz informed me that Pixie Hollow was closing, I got really upset. I’ve been using Pixie Hollow for forever, and I can’t just give it up now. Seriously. It’s a part of me, and I can’t imagine it not being there.

Even after I’ve been sucked into the world of Percy Jackson and Doctor Who.

And then the hardest part I have to think about: What will become of the Fairy Bloggers?

I’ve made many great and fantastic adventures with you guys, and us Fairy Bloggers NEED to stick together. I can’t imagine being without you guys, like Sunrise, Marigold, Strawberry, and Octavia. Even though I haven’t been posting, I’ve always been here, reading your posts, liking, and commenting. I haven’t forgotten about you guys.

A lot of you other bloggers have been really busy, too. But I love each and every one of your blogs, I’m so glad that I’ve inspired that many people. I read all of your posts and I love the feedback you guys give me. You all mean a lot.

But I refuse to say goodbye. I don’t know if I’ll be on Pixie Hollow by the closing, which is in exactly one week, it reminds me of a book I recently read called Matched where everyone has a planned death and knows exactly when they die. That’s what the closing reminds me of.

And when Pixie Hollow becomes just a memory? I can’t imagine it. If you’ve ever read The Kingdom Keepers, or if you’re a primary source, there once was a website called VMK, Virtual Magic Kingdom, which closed in 2008, though I’m not one hundred percent sure why it closed. I always laughed and then thought to myself that it wasn’t going to happen to Pixie Hollow anytime soon. But that was about one year ago.

None of us saw the end coming, until we heard about the news. I can’t believe it. People have been signing petitions to try and get the Hollow saved, and I’m not very optimistic, but I’m hoping that the Disney officials or the Never Council will reconsider. I haven’t signed any petitions yet, but it’s because I’m not comfortable with putting my e-mail or personal information out there.

I’ll try to be posting again, this time I’ll really try, but I have a lot of homework, as my school has started again. Hopefully we will be able to save the Hollow in the week we have left!

Fly with you,

Rachel 😉

P.S. I just read about Pirates of the Caribbean closing on the same day as Pixie Hollow. My life is officially over. No good childhood memories for me.


1 Year Anniversary

OMG guys, can you believe it’s been one year since I started blogging already!?!?! I can’t! It seems like just yesterday I started my blog!

I’ll add a picture later, but I just wanted to share the good news with you guys.

Wish me luck for another awesome blogging year! 😀

Rachel is Back!!!

Hey guys, I’m back! Did you miss me?

I missed you. 😛

I have no pictures for you today, but I’m here to say that I’m going to be back in business! If I’m not incredibly busy. School is really messing up my schedule. I can’t believe that I haven’t posted for months. I’m still active and I have been monitoring the site. It might take me a while to get back into posting, but I’ll try my hardest!!!

Topaz Daisyblossom’s Pixie Page


Rachel is so awesome!

It’s a crime not to be her friend!



Topaz Daisyblossom’s Pixie Page

Hi it’s me Topaz, I want you guys to get to know me better so i’m sharing my pixie page with you!

Favorite food  anything sweet!

Favorite color  fox tail orange

Favorite flower  rose

Favorite animal  dolphin

Favorite hobby  flying

Dislike  Bad hair days!!!!!

Top 3 Favorite Games

#1 Bubble Bounce

#2 Rock-Paper-Sissors

#3 Crazy Cakes

Well that’s my pixie page!

The Pixie Post Office and DYHAD

Hey, guys! It’s Rachel! I just finished moving and blogging without any furniture because the movers just called and said the truck broke down! Yay! No furniture. >:[. Well, I’m writing about DYHAD today. In the Pixie Post Office, members can never get to buy themselves something without somebody asking DYHAD. “Do You Have Any Diamonds?” Sometimes I feel like saying yes, so I can rub it in their faces, but I know that is not a very nice thing to do. I usually just say no, but when I say yes, they are like, “Can you pretty please buy me the _____?” And I’m like, “No, sorry.” And then they get all like “WAAAAAH!!!!” (Okay maybe not like that but I like proving points.) I can’t even have a BOYFRIEND because they say “Hey, can your brother Chase buy me something?” AAH! So: Pixie Diamonds: WORST IDEA EVER INVENTED. I’m just saying if you want to use real money at least buy a membership instead of diamonds. Then you would get a diamond PAYMENT, and you could buy stuff. Tee-he. But, I do not like shopping in the PPO since everybody asks DYHAD. Well, who do I send them to, you might ask? Myself, of course. I have two accounts and one of them has a membership, so I send them to that account. I am evil and vain. :D. But seriously, what is up with that? An example is Marigold T.

My legs are kind of in the picture.

I just HATE the Pixie Post Office. At least Lily and I got our outfits ;).

P.S., I’m making my own Camp Pixie Dust, only this one is called the Talent Masters Camp, so check out the official page! You can join today! thetalentmaster.wordpress.com

Also, somebody was named Mia Sunjewel, who has the same last name as Marigold Sunjewel, so that’s pretty cool :D.

P.S.S. Also, at my new house, there is a cat who keeps coming to our backyard. I named him Soos, and I think my mom’s gonna start feeding him because he chases the gophers under our deck away. Good job, Soos! 😀

P.S.S.S. Check out my Figment Fanatics Club! figmentfanatics.wordpress.com

Hi, I’m Chase!

Hi, I’m Chase, Rachel’s brother and Newt’s fraternal twin. (Newt and I would have the same arrival day but he deleted himself and made a new Newt on January 31. And, he gets the red hair! I want red hair! 😦 ) I am such a NERD, so you may see me talking about algebra sometimes. Well, I’m here to judge art. I LOVE criticizing! (Just kidding 😀 !) Each week, I will insert 5 fan art pieces. I will name them first, second, third, honorable mention, and least favorite. Sometimes I will even include my artwork!  Here is the first one…

Come Join Us At Pixie Hollow by Isabelle Purplelily!

YAY!!!!! I mean: cool. Good job, Isabelle!

The next one is:

Somebody Holding A Fairy by Patchwork! (Wow, I’m just giving them random names.) Terrific job, Patchwork! But what is with the two different colored eyes?

Next is…

Every Fairy Has A Green Thumb by Chloe Waterlily! This one is good and creative! Good job, Chloe!

And now…

A Stroll In Havendish Square By Bellflower Beautyswirls! I like this one, especially the Fairy Tale Theater sign, but where are her wings???

And the last one…

Fairy in Flowers by Juliana/Rachel! (It says by Rachel but it says on the paper Juliana.)I like the way it’s all wavy. It makes it look cool!

Final Scoring:

Isabelle Purplelily



Bellflower Beautyswirls

And my least favorite was Chloe Waterlily. I just want you to keep in mind that you are creative and creativity is good! I’m proud of you all! And now, for my art:

Anime Sir Issac Newton! I think. I drew it when we were learning about gravity in science…

Well, I’ll post again on Rachel’s Hollow soon! I’ll do other stuff like games soon!